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Our Technology

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) amplify and distribute public safety, mobile phone, and two-way radio signals for First Responders throughout areas which otherwise have poor wireless signal or no wireless signal coverage. Our systems are designed to technologically enhance spaces, including any combination of indoor and outdoor environments. Nanehi is dedicated to providing a significantly enhanced mobile phone experience as well as two-way radio operability for our First Responders and Citizens in required and critical key areas of a facility or campus.


Our installation staff is proficient in performing all aspects of the project tasks required for each of our wireless in-building deployments including; surveying, cable infrastructure, antenna mounting, commissioning, testing, and 24 x 7 ongoing monthly technical support & maintenance.


Technologically future-proofing your facility, building, or campus, in collaboration with you, is simply one of the things that we do best!

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